Asian Elephant Foundation: behind the lens

Photo & Video Production:


Asian Elephant Foundation: behind the lens

We’re back to Thailand for a new assignment and this time with the amazing help of a new member of Punto14, the spanish freelance photographer David Terrazas who’s based in Bangkok.

Asian Elephant Foundation asked Punto14 to make a short video to show the conditions of elephants in Thailand and they will use the video in an educational centre in Chiang Mai.


Percebeiros – behind the lens

Just a little visual update from our current work in Laxe (a small village in the north of Spain) about the Percebeiros. Unfortunately, some days ago we discovered that a team of spanish videographers made a short documentary about the same subject ( such a pity!!

By the way.. here’s Laxe, with his giant waves, heavy rains, but also with beatiful and warm people:


Heading North

Here we’re, another time preparing our stuff to start a new project.

This time the destination is not so far & exotic as usual (just an hour of flight – for me – and a couple for Daniele) as we will stay 3 weeks in the north of Spain, in the little town of Laxe (La Coruña’s province).

We will try to tell a story I started to investigate this summer about brave men and women who fight against the power of the sea to gather a little mollusk called “Percebe”. It’s a delicacy and pretty expensive in Spain and no wonder then that Percebeiros risk their life trying to harvest them. Using a fast launch, wet suit and custom made spike they jump onto wave crashed rocks to seperate the barnacle from its host.

For this project we added some new little toys to our collection and I hope to show you some behind the scene in the next days. In the meanwhile, enjoy some of the photographs I took this summer. As you can see the landscape around Laxe is quite outstanding:


Behind “The Children of the forest”

Just a gallery with the behind the scene of the production of our short documentary The children of the forest in Sangkhlaburi (Thailand) last january.

Children of the Forest is a project aimed at providing protection, education and health care to Karen and Mon (burmese ethnic minorities) children and mothers in most urgent need living in the Sangkhlaburi border zone.


.Working on

Here’s the visual diary of our 20 days spent in Tallinn, Estonia, working on last april. Hope you enjoy!!


.Back to Mindanao

Just the last photos of our last assignment about the effect of the climate change in Mindanao, Philippines for Paz y Desarrollo.

We produced something like 1tb of material between photos and videos just in the Philippines and really brought our equipment to their limits.

We will come back home this friday after more than 5 months travelling and working… I don’t really want to know how to face it!! :D

BTW, thank you very much to all the people who worked with us here in Philippines and to Pyd staff in Manila!!!