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After having worked in various marketing and visual communication agencies, Thomas Cristofoletti and Daniele La Gioia decided to do something different with their lives and embarked in a new project, Punto 14, which combines the things they love doing the most: photography, video production, traveling and the possible contribution to social justice through public awareness to different social inequalities.

From this vision and for the past two years, they’ve been working in several social video & photography projects in South East Asia for different international NGOs and personal projects in Europe. Their work focuses on documenting the day-to-day doings and traditions of the people they portray, as well the places they live in.

Currently based in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Punto14 is intended to facilitate the visibility of cultural diversity and their specific problems through the promotion of audio-visual projects that engage local authorities and civil society initiatives.

Thomas Cristofoletti


Thomas Cristofoletti he’s a freelance photographer born in Riva del Garda, a small village in Northern Italy, and at the moment living and working in Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

After six years working as an Art Director in several advertising agencies in Milan and Madrid, he decided to follow his dreams and fully dedicate himself to photography and travelling.

So far, he has been travelled and made photographic and video reports in: U.S.A., Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru, Turkey, Morocco, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia and many European countries. My work has been published in several magazines in Italy, Spain, Russia, United Arab Emirates and France, and my photos have been exhibited in Italy, Spain, England, US and Cambodia.

He can speak Italian, Spanish and English

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Daniele La Gioia


11 years after finishing school and too many years working in different advertising agencies around Italy, he decided to leave Milan to live two social experiences in Africa and Mexico that radically changed his life.
After 3 years he’s still travelling with the same desire of discovering and capturing the frames of this crazy adventure, trying to paint it in the most natural and genuine way. Ah.. and he really loves jumping whenever his shadow could follow him!!

14 years after, he starts with .14.. only a pretty randomness or something else?

He collaboreted as volunteer for two projects with children in Senegal and Mexico with international NGOs. He travelled trough all Europe, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Senegal, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

He can speak Italian, Spanish and English


David Terrazas

Spanish portrait and fashion photographer based in Bangkok. His amazing portfolio www.davidterrazasphotography.com

Cova Álvarez

International Expert on Gender and Human Rights, who has been developing her work in building citizenship in Cambodia during the last two years and a half, giving priority to work with local civic organizations

Paula Lis

Spanish freelance translator and proofreader based in Madrid, Spain. She collaborated with us with the I’m changing project.

Natalie Doolan

She’s an Australian voiceover artist based in the city of Newcastle NSW. She collaborate with us in the short documentary about “The children of the forest“.


The Asian Elephant Foundation

.Punto14 collaborated with The Asian Elephant Foundation in a video about the condition of elephants in Thailand.

Master Card Worldwide

Punto14 collaborated with Master Card in the video “Project Endeavour Cambodia 2012″

UN Women Singapore

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the empowerment of Women.Punto14 collaborated with Un Women in the video “Project Endeavour Cambodia 2012″

AECID – Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo

Punto14 collaborated with AECID in 2 different projects in South East Asia (in Cambodia and in The Philippines).

Shoot 4 Change

Shoot 4 Change is a nonprofit organization made out of (both pros and amateurs) photographers, designers, artists and other dreamers who share part of their time for shooting humanitarian reportages for NGOs and other social organizations.

NGO Children of the forest

Children of the forest is a U.K registered charity NGO based in Thailand that provides a school and home for Karen, Mon and Burmese refugee children. Punto14 collaborated with them in the short documentary “The children of the forest

NGO Paz y Desarrollo

Paz y Desarrollo is a spanish NGO and Punto14 collaborated with them in 2 different projects in South East Asia (in Cambodia and in The Philippines).