Children of the forest

Photo & Video Production:

Sangkhlaburi is a very pretty town lying on a beatiful lake, with the longest wooden bridge of Thailand and settled just a few kilometres from the Three Pagodas Pass and from Myanmar. All the area has always been interested for centuries by the presence of Mon and Karen population (two of the most important and persecuted burmese minorities) and in the last decades by the migration of other families who arrived in hope of finding a better and safer life, yet often what they find here is only marginally better than life in Burma.

In this kind of environment was born “Children of the forest”, a project aimed at providing protection, assistance and education to the Karen and Mon children and families in most urgent need. The Karen and Mon people here have been subjected to much suffering and loss of dignity. Their work aims to address their grievances, to ease suffering and restore their dignity. Focusing on the critical issues of education and health care they strive to remove obstacles to happiness and create routes to hope and opportunity.

Karen, Mon and Burmese children, denied an education by ethnicity and poverty, are given the opportunity to start school and open new paths. Education is the only way this people could have a thai’s ID.

Health care work is carried out continuously through close contact with local communities and by monitoring the health of Sangkhlaburi’s poorest children in their free school. Through a relationship of trust with surrounding communities they are able to locate children in distress and help them to our home and the opportunity of a new life.