Photo & Video Production:

imchanging01 is a website, a compilation of audiovisual and graphic narrations which attempts to show an obviated reality, the situation of rural women and men in a country that is considered a ‘hotspot’ for harsh natural phenomena, such as floods, droughts or typhoons.We have the opportunity to visit three different barangays (villages) in Mindanao, the second largest island of the Philippines, which is located in the South, and we had the chance to spend a few days with five different families, getting to live the way locals do and understanding the problems they have to struggle with daily, especially the ones that occur as a consequence of climate change, as most of these people make their living out of farming or fishing.

In order to do their bit in the battle against climate change, and thanks to the help of the NGO and their local partners, people in these areas are now starting to use of natural fertilizers and handmade bio sprays, which result in less production costs and less impact on the environment.

The website includes 7 short documentaries (recorded with a Canon 5D MarkII and a Canon 7D), 7 photo galleries and a compilation of pieces of information about the people who are fighting against climate change in this part of the world. An innovative way to present the contents and totally web 2.0-oriented.